Thursday, December 2, 2010

1. Editor's Introductory Note

Brother Saint Jessica, better known as Brother Jesse, born D(redacted)  in (redacted), was a colleague and friend for a number of years at Our Lady’s Monastery at West Saugerties, NY in the Catskill Mountains.  In the late fall of 2010, Brother Jesse hooked up a laptop computer in the monastery’s cellar and found a WiFi signal without a security code in the air near the monastery. Jesse then logged on to the World Wide Web and unbeknownst to his Abbot at the time began a “tell all” blog which was mercifully more about himself than the rest of us, his Brothers. 

The blog was entitled “Monk In The Cellar” and the posts are contained in this book, along with postings from the subsequent Diary by the same name.

John Fisher Dempsey
Brother Saint Bilhild of Thuringia


Kim said...

A monastery in Saugerties does seem odd. I have an aunt who lives in the 'old nun's warehouse' in Latham. She gives me dirty looks every time I call it that. ;)

Dick N said...

I can see your aunt giving you that look now, haha.

There used to be a home for retired priests on Cosby Manor Rd in Deerfield. We always called it "the home for unwed fathers."